82-288 Everyday Learning

In this joint IDeATe and Modern Languages course, students were asked to create learning objects that reflected the desire for learning that many people have turned to in life during the pandemic.

We talked about how such learning appears in social media, sometimes as a shared hobby or interest, or as a statement of activism, particularly during the summer of 2020 following the Black Lives Matter protests.

Learning can take many forms and we wanted to comment on the ways in which these objects inform and educate. We encounter learning in public spaces, online and in our homes, shared between each other as downloads, zines, memes and videos. These objects supplement formal learning, but hint at alternative ways to engage with learners.

The following series of outcomes were produced by students who have kindly agreed to share them with you.

Low maintenance house plants – Alyssa Song
Emergency Medical Procedures by Peter Sauer
Linguistic Landscapes by Lily Madojemu
Drawing Zine – by Bennett Goeke (Download the .pdf’s below and make your own).
Draw your way by Omar Elmady. For further info and rationale visit Omar’s Medium post on Everyday Learning.
Anatomy of the perfect muffin – Annie Zhou

Ethics of Formula 1 by Eric Cheng. For more info read Eric’s post on Everyday Learning