Artist Micro-Commissions 2021

We are offering 10 (ten) $200 grants to students at CMU to support digital visual art and design.

Read through the guidance below and access the application form here.

There is a timeline at the bottom of this page.

The Global Languages and Cultures Room is seeking visual art and graphic design work in a number of areas, which will be displayed within the room displays and a new digital projection installation on the glass wall at the front of the room. We are hoping to fully install this new piece in the Fall semester of 2021.

The Askwith Kenner Global Languages & Cultures Room

We are offering 10 x Honorariums of $200 to support the creation of new work. There are no restrictions on the work itself, the artist will remain sole-owner of this work. You will allow the work to be featured in the Global Languages and Cultures Room and used on our online channels (Instagram, Blog). We will not sell the work or used in a commercial sense (for instance make T-shirts featuring your work).

Our remit is education and research, we want to share our message in a playful, colorful, and engaging way.

The deadline for proposals is 30 June 2021 and artists will be selected shortly after and asked to complete final pieces for exhibition and display in August 2021. A timeline is included at the bottom of the page.

What can I make?

The Global Languages & Cultures Room explores the dialogue between language, culture and identity. Here are some prompts and themes that might inspire you.

Our words connect
Our language, our time
The bilingual brain
Generations of culture
Code switching

You may also want to include a learning point, a visual way to learn a word, phrase or think about language.

You might use photography, graphic design, sketch, animation, 3D or any other visual digital form that we can easily include in our screens and projectors.

You should provide your final file in one of the following formats:
.jpg, .png, .tiff sequence, .gif, mpeg, mov.

You may choose to produce one piece or a short series of pieces and the duration should be no longer than 90 seconds.

Selection of images from 2020 Micro-commissions exhibition.


This is an open call for artists at CMU and wider Pittsburgh community.


Funds will be transferred in the form of a “Honorarium”. Please note that these funds are considered taxable income, and may take several weeks to reach you.

Apply here with a brief description of what you’d like to create. You are encouraged to include a few sketches or links to previous works, portfolios, and examples of your work.