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This page features works from courses taught in the Askwith Kenner Global Languages & Cultures Room, they are published here by kind permission of the creator.

Digital Realities: An Introduction to Immersive Technologies for Arts and Culture

Fall 2023

Multicultural Immersion: Relating your world in VR

These pieces were produced by students exploring VR and culture, in a jointly taught course with CMU-Pittsburgh and CMU-Doha, Qatar.

Fall 2022

Summer 2022

Fall 2021

Chinese Traditional Dance by Sophia Huang

Summer 2021

Fall 2020

Exploring Language, culture, and identity through digital storytelling

These pieces were produced as outcomes for the course: Exploring language, culture, and identity through digital storytelling. Over six weeks, students explored ideas around culture and belonging, through a variety of digital storytelling forms, including a slide show, photography, animation, augmented reality, and 360 virtual reality, drawing, and video.

Kendall Scarborough

Valeria Cordova
Ke Ning

Digital Storytelling – Alyssa Lee

Summer One – Multicultural Pittsburgh VR – Mini

Arden Wolf

Nancy Zuo
Chelsea Hua

Click here to access Chelsea’s Thinglink object

Elena Fryre

Multicultural Pittsburgh Online Digital Festival

Spring 2020

Welcome to our festival of work from 82-284 Multicultural Pittsburgh, a course exploring cultural, language and identity.

In usual times we invite you to view work in the Askwith Kenner Global Languages & Cultures Room, but these are not usual times. Students this year have been asked to tell short stories, explore their own context, use what they’ve learned and reflect by creating digital pieces. The brief has been open and student have used what they have to hand.

Students building Google Glasses ahead of viewing 360 Virtual Reality documentary.

On this page, you’ll find videos, gifs, images, and links to work. Please explore, play and let us know what you think.

Spring 2020

Jaekun Kim
Omkar Savkur
Maddie Headrick

These next two objects were created using Thinglink. You can click on the yellow hot spots as you watch the video or navigate the map.

Victoria Reiter

Maija Ranta

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