Global Languages & Cultures Room – Artist Micro-commissions – Launching our series.

To support local artists and designers during COVID-19, the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room created the Micro-Commissions project. We invited eight talented CMU students and local Pittsburgh artists to create artworks to be displayed within the room and on a new digital projection installation on the glass wall near the front of the room. Artists were inspired by our themes of language, culture, identity, and personal stories. Each artist had the freedom to choose any medium.
In this series, we should like to introduce each of the eight artworks and the amazing artists behind them on our blog and social media. Our series will start this Wednesday, July 15th.  Stay tuned to see all 8 artworks and meet the wonderful artists behind each piece!
Throughout the series we invite you to comment and share the work in your feeds and channels, to help us to spread our message and help to introduce new people to our work. We’ll be using #KennerKreatives and #GlobalLanguages&CulturesRoom hashtags, so keep a look out for new work coming soon.