Artist Micro-commissions – “The Korean-American Dictionary” by Eileen

To support local artists and designers during COVID-19, the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room created the Micro-Commissions Project. We invited eight CMU students and local Pittsburgh artists to create artworks to be displayed within the room and on a new digital projection installation on the glass wall near the front of the room. Artists were inspired by our themes of language, culture, identity, and personal stories. Each artist had the freedom to choose any medium.

“The Korean-American Dictionary” by Eileen Lee

Today we would like to showcase “The Korean-American Dictionary” by Eileen Lee. Eileen was inspired by Bilingualism and Asian-American identity.

Eileen’s artwork was created using Procreate.

“As an Asian-American living and growing up in the United States, I learned and used the Korean and English language interchangeably. I wanted to highlight specific vocabulary that I found was important to learn in order to describe my identity and sometimes my guilt in forgetting my native language. At the same time, I also wanted to show the free-flowing thoughts and connections as a result of bilingualism.”

About the Artist

You can find more of Eileen’s work on IG: @eileen_loves_cheesecake and on her portfolio website:

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