Highlighting Black Intellectuals and Artists Around the World: Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

Join us in celebrating amazing Black intellectuals and artists around the world! Today we are celebrating Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, one of the best antidotes to the erasure of Afro-Latinx figures from African American and “mainstream” American history. Arturo Alfonso Schomburg co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research and became president of the American Negro Academy in D.C. He was also active in the Harlem Renaissance and is known for his publication of the inspirational essay “The Negro Digs Up His Past.” Arturo Alfonso Schomburg researched and raised awareness of the great contributions that Afro-Latin Americans and African Americans have made to society and Schomburg was the curator of the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and Art at the 135th Street branch of the New York Public Library. Schomburg used the money from the sale of his collection to add more artifacts of African history to the collection and traveled to Spain, France, Germany, England, and Cuba.

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