Reflection: Chinese Calligraphy Final Presentation

My name is Yuxi! I am a sophomore business undergrad and I’ve been working at the Askwith Kenner Room since my freshman fall. It’s been a great experience being able to learn about VR, meeting Modern Language professors, and participate in fun events. In this post, I will be highlighting one of my favorite Askwith Kenner Room events that I have participated in – The Chinese Calligraphy Final Presentation!

Chinese Calligraphy Final Presentations

Chinese Calligraphy is an infamous class on campus among students across all majors. It’s known to be fun and requires no knowledge of the Chinese language. As a Chinese-American and a board member of the Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture organization on campus, I have always wanted to take the class so it was a great opportunity to be able to see the students’ final works in the Askwith Kenner room.
Previously, the classes visited Askwith Kenner Room to use Tilt Brush by Google (a VR painting program) as well as a traditional bamboo brush set to practice Chinese. I was able to see the students’ progress and I was extremely impressed by all the students’ final works. Many students had no knowledge of the Chinese language yet their calligraphy pieces were just as good as professional calligraphers. I am inspired by their projects and I would love to take the course in the future as well!
3 Piece Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set - Prestigify
A traditional Chinese calligraphy brush set

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