Artist Micro-commissions – “Working Together, Apart” by Sanna

To support local artists and designers during COVID-19, the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room created the Micro-Commissions Project. We invited eight CMU students and local Pittsburgh artists to create artworks to be displayed within the room and on a new digital projection installation on the glass wall near the front of the room. Artists were inspired by our themes of language, culture, identity, and personal stories. Each artist had the freedom to choose any medium.

“Working Together, Apart” by Sanna Legan

Today, we would like to introduce “Working Together, Apart” by Sanna Legan. Sanna was inspired by her life in quarantine.

“Being in quarantine, it is very easy to feel isolated. However, I wanted to remember the very reason I love CMU. Being able to connect and meet people from all around the world, as passionate as I am.”

Sanna’s artworked was created in Adobe Photoshop.

“This piece is about how Carnegie Mellon is a hub for passion, knowledge, and learning. To create this work I put out a call for CMU students to submit a picture of themselves doing what they were passionate about. CMU is a unique place, where students from all different fields and interests are put together. I got submissions of people singing, swimming, studying, talking, drawing, play instruments, snowboarding, and more. This is what connects us. Being able to share our creations.”

About the Artist

You can find more of Sanna’s work on Instagram: @sannalegan and on her Website/Portfolio:

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