Cultivating Empathy: Reflecting on Culture through Conversation and VR

Students in the Arab Student Organisation (ASO) and Modern Languages Student Advisory Council (MLSAC) were able to sample experiences in the Global Languages and Cultures Room and discuss the opportunity to use immersive technologies to support learning and research. For many of these students this was the first time that they were able to experience VR and worked through a series of applications, including Google Earth VR, Documentaries on Within, including “Clouds over Sidra” and even new experiences created for the room from the Multicultural Pittsburgh Course (more to follow). The group reflected on the depth of experience and the richness of the content. For many the session challenged preconceptions around VR as a gaming technology, whilst recognizing that many of the game mechanics inherent in developing content could be identified in non-game content, such as artist installation, documentary or tool. The group expressed a desire to return to the room and work through more experiences, they recognized that there were many, many experiences on offer, and that familiarity and confidence with the technology would support a critical approach to content viewing. We look forward to welcoming the two groups in the future.

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