You, Me in Color – A Yarnbombing Project

Carnival weekend is always special at Carnegie Mellon University and the perfect time to unveil our new art exhibit, a 10ft knitted piece covering our beloved concrete column, created by The Carnegie Mellon Women’s Association Knit & Crochet Club. Yarn bombing is a form of street art. The artist covers objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crocheted pieces. It is meant to add meaning and color to public places, breathing new life and personalizing sterile or cold public places.
Members of the Carnegie Mellon Women’s Association Knit & Crochet Club with sections of the new work.
Officially titled “You, Me. Together in Color”, the piece was inspired by the mission of the room, to reflect culture, diversity, and identity through creativity. The team worked through the Fall semester and into Spring, first on separate pieces before bringing them all together for display.
The Team works remotely on their pieces.
The concrete column before the transformation.
Installation was overseen by Victor and the crew from Facilities Management Services who found solutions to fix the piece, supporting its weight and ensuring that it would stay up.
The FMS Team installed the work
Victor and Team celebrate a job well done.
With the yarn installation successful, the once cold pillar in the Kenner room had become warm and vibrant as the yarn draws your eye with its wonderful, creative, and colorful presence! It was a big hit! Everyone loved coming to see the piece and commented on its eye-catching design!
Our benefactor, Patti Askwith-Kenner (pictured in yellow), also stopped by to enjoy the installation!
The team at the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room would like to thank: Emily Half, Marlene Behrmann, Jennifer Britton, Carol Goldburg, Vicki Tam, Carla Bevins, and many more for their contributions to the project!

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