Chinese Calligraphy in Google Tilt Brush

Students in Chinese Calligraphy experiment and play with Tilt Brush
The Global Languages & Cultures Room was pleased to welcome students enrolled on 82-137 Chinese Calligraphy to attend a session that included the opportunity to paint and draw in a virtual world using 3D tools. Students used two apps, Tilt Brush by Google and Paint VR both could be used on Oculus Rift, with Tilt Brush most effective with the HTC Vive.
Displaying the immersive space on the screens in the Global Languages & Cultures Room
The students did not take long to familiarize themselves with the menus, finding tools and features. Initially all cycled through the many brushes, and once they were comfortable with the space, began mark making and playing with shapes. Throughout the students enjoyed the possibilities, giving positive feedback, laughing and playing. As they grew in confidence they began to make brush strokes, play with line and start to create characters and symbols.
Facilitating use of the resources in the Global Languages & Cultures Room
The class will revisit and final outcomes for the course will be exhibited in the Global Languages & Cultures Room.

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