Experiencing the journey

We wanted to share an email we received from Marissa Bongo, a high school teacher in NY.  Ms. Bongo teaches a History of the Holocaust course at Ballston Spa HS in Ballston Spa, NY.  They recently installed a virtual reality lab equipped with an HTC vive and included “Journey Through the Camps”, created in collaboration with Classrooms without Borders and Stitchbridge.
I wanted to touch base after having used your VR program to give you some feedback. The students LOVED it. They thought it was incredibly eye opening and most came back from the experience almost (or actually) in tears. I have used it with both my 10th graders and my students in my History of the Holocaust class last semester, and one of my colleagues will be opening it up to her AP World History students, as well.

Marissa Bongo
Ballston Spa HS filmed some of the students experiencing the journey and also interviewed them afterwards.

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